Leaf Capital Pte Ltd, trading as The Switch Network, is committed to fostering fair and equitable compensation for its employees, especially as a start up company dedicated to social responsibility and sustainability.

In alignment with the principles set forth by the Global Living Wage Coalition, we are committed to ensuring that all employees receive a living wage that meets their basic needs and supports a decent standard of living.

This policy outlines our commitment to providing fair wages, particularly in the context of our operations in Fiji, where we specialize in electric vehicles (EV) and solar energy solutions.

Living Wage Definition

The Global Living Wage Coalition defines a living wage as remuneration received for a standard workweek that covers the basic needs of workers and their families, including housing, food, healthcare, education, transportation, and discretionary income.

Living Wage Commitment

Leaf Capital Pte Ltd is committed to ensuring that all employees, both direct and indirect, are paid a living wage.

This commitment extends to our entire supply chain, reflecting our dedication to fairness in every aspect of our business operations.

We understand that a living wage is crucial for the well-being of our employees and their communities, contributing to the overall success and sustainability of our small business.


To implement and uphold our living wage commitment, Leaf Capital Pte Ltd will:

  1. Regularly assess and update the living wage requirements based on local cost of living indices and other relevant factors in Fiji, acknowledging the unique challenges faced by small businesses.

  2. Collaborate with local labour unions, government agencies, and other stakeholders to stay informed about prevailing wage standards and ensure compliance with applicable regulations, considering the specific circumstances of SMEs.

  3. Conduct annual reviews of employee compensation to identify and address any gaps between the current wage levels and the living wage requirements, with a focus on fairness within the small business context.

  4. Provide transparent and clear communication with employees about their compensation, ensuring they understand how their wages align with the living wage criteria.

  5. Encourage suppliers and subcontractors to adopt living wage policies, recognizing the importance of fair compensation throughout the entire supply chain, even within the constraints of small business operations.

Monitoring and Evaluation

Leaf Capital Pte Ltd will establish a monitoring and evaluation system tailored to the scale of our small business to assess the effectiveness of our living wage policy.

This includes regular audits, employee feedback mechanisms, and collaboration with external experts, ensuring adaptability and continuous improvement.


By adopting this living wage policy, Leaf Capital Pte Ltd aims to contribute to the well-being and prosperity of our employees and the communities in which we operate.

We believe that fair compensation is a fundamental right, and through our commitment to a living wage, we strive to create a positive impact on the lives of our workforce while fostering sustainable business practices in the EV and solar industry in Fiji, within the framework of a small enterprise.

Changes to this Living Wage Policy

We reserve the right to make change to this Living Wage Policy.

Last modification was made 3rd February 2024.

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