At Leaf Capital Pte Ltd, operating in Fiji and proudly known as The Switch Network, we are deeply committed to cultivating a workplace that embraces equal opportunities, gender equality, and a dedication to providing younger individuals with chances to break into the job market.

Recognizing the rich cultural diversity of Fiji, we believe that an inclusive and fair work environment not only enhances the well-being of our employees but also strengthens the fabric of our company.

This policy articulates our dedication to fostering a workplace where everyone, regardless of their gender, age, background, or any other characteristic, can thrive and contribute meaningfully.

Equal Opportunities

  1. Recruitment and Selection:

    • In our hiring processes, we prioritize merit, skills, and qualifications, ensuring that decisions are free from any bias or discrimination.

  2. Training and Development:

    • We provide equal access to training and development opportunities, acknowledging the importance of nurturing a skilled and diverse workforce, including younger individuals seeking entry into the job market.

  3. Promotions and Career Advancement:

    • Opportunities for career growth are based on merit and potential, without any discrimination. We actively encourage and support employees of all ages in their professional journeys.

  4. Workplace Environment:

    • Our workplace is built on respect, openness, and inclusivity. Discrimination, harassment, or victimization in any form will not be tolerated.

Gender Equality:

  1. Equal Pay:

    • We are committed to ensuring equal pay for equal work, irrespective of gender or age. Regular reviews of pay structures are conducted to address any gender or age-related pay disparities.

  2. Flexible Working Arrangements:

    • Where possible, we support flexible working arrangements to accommodate the diverse needs of our employees, promoting work-life balance for individuals of all ages.

  3. Family-Friendly Policies:

    • We offer family-friendly policies, including parental leave, to support employees in balancing their professional and personal responsibilities, recognizing the different life stages individuals may be at in their careers.

Changes to this Equal Opportunities and Gender Equality Policy

We reserve the right to make change to this Equal Opportunities and Gender Equality Policy.

Last modification was made 3rd February 2024.

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